AbsoluteControl: Digitostaff users move the entire process just by a few clicks, unlike using healthcare agencies, who are in total control.

Absolute Freedom: The freedom to choose the best payment rate from a pool of shifts displayed by various care homes.

Best Payment For Staff: Staff have access to a large pool of shifts posted by Care homes from which to make their choice of the best payment rate, unlike healthcare agencies, who give no choice.

Breaking Monopoly: Agencies have always controlled recruitment of healthcare staff to the point of abusing their dominance position; Nurses/HCAs can end that era by using Digitostaff platform.

Direct Connection: Nurses/HCAs have a direct connection with care homes. There is no such benefit with Healthcare agencies.

Peace of Mind & Time Saving: Digitostaff platform is designed to sufficiently cater for all user's needs with minimal input effort & time, which would not be the case with healthcare agencies, who can keep a Nurse/HCA waiting for a shift for a long time only to eventually let them down.

Quick Shift: An opportunity for Nurses/HCAs to post their availability along with their charges, for the next 14 days and care homes to respond in case of Emergency covers. There is no such benefit with Healthcare agencies. (please note that terms and conditions of service apply)

Simplicity & Convenience: Registering with Digitostaff platform requires less than 5 minutes and it's a user-friendly self-sustaining platform. The entire process from booking a shift, timesheet and invoicing can easily be done within the platform in just a few clicks. This isn't the case using healthcare agencies

Smart Preference Search: Digitostaff platform offers Nurses/HCAs smart preference searches that include but not limited to, the distance between their addresses to care homes (Radius Search), Time of shift (Day/Night/Early/Late Shift Search), Day of shift (Weekdays/Weekends Search) and the future shift of up to 14 days (Date Range Search). There aren't such benefits with Healthcare agencies.

Unlimited Choice Of Care HomesAn opportunity to access various care homes before selecting the shift to book.

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