General questions

Yes. As you will be self-employed you will need to have your own insurance. If you are a Nurse or a HCA working outside the NHS, having the correct Professional Indemnity Insurance is a legal requirement to keep up your registration.

Nurses or HCA that search and book shifts through digitostaff are self-employed; this means that we will not supply you with a uniform. You should wear your own appropriate uniform. Where possible this should be a plain tunic with blue or black trousers. Never Wear Jeans.

When you register with digitostaff and become dully compliant, we will send you an ID badge which you should bring with you to each shift.

It could be frustrating when you don’t get approved for the shifts that you have applied for; but there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re more likely to book more shifts.

Upload A Profile Photo - Employers LOVE seeing a photo of you as it makes your profile more familiar Make sure you Save Settings at the bottom otherwise your photo will not save.

Upload Training Certificates - Show of all your skills to show the employer you’re the right nurse for the shift.

As you know, all nurses and HCA that book shifts through digitostaff are self-employed. In practice what this means is that they are paid directly by the employer (the care home). This is different from traditional agencies where the nurse is paid by the agency who acts as their employer.

digitostaff has introduced a new payment feature which means that when a timesheet is submitted and approved it will generate an invoice. Please note that invoices will be sent to the employer on Monday 12 noon.

See also blog post on how payment works throughdigitostaff?

The digitostaff office is open Monday - Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Where possible it is always best to contact us via the live-chat app on the website: This is especially important in an emergency when you are trying to reach us out of hours.

Everyone in the digitostaff team has access to messages that come via the chat app which means we will always respond to emergencies within 5 minutes.

To access the live chat app, visit:

Your data is stored securely in accordance with strict guidelines. We never send any of your information to the care home without your express permission.

digitostaff is an online platform that connects Nurses and HCAdirectly to employers empowering both sides to take control of the process.

Traditionally this process is managed by recruitment agencies who charge massive commissions for finding you work. digitostaff removes the middleman from the process and by doing so it saves employers both money and time which means that they can pass some of their savings back to the nurses in the form of higher wages.

All our Nurses and HCA are self-employed, independent contractors which means that they have the autonomy and flexibility to work exactly how they want.

digitostaff is a web platform that connects private healthcare organizations with pre-vetted, self-employed RGNs and HCA who are looking for extra shifts.

Healthcare facilities upload their vacant shifts to the website and RGNs are able to search and apply directly to those shifts using their phone, desktop or tablet device. Once the application has been approved, the Nurse or HCA works the shift then submits her timesheet online for the manager to agree and sign off. Payment is made directly to the nurse's bank account within 10 days.

Because there are no agencies involved and their associated costs, the health care facilities save money which means that they can pass some of those savings back to the nurse in the form of higher wages.

digitostaff is a fairer and more transparent way of nurses engaging with health care organisations.

Our offices are based in 13 Guernsey close, Guildford Surrey GU4 7RE Whilst most nurses can complete their registration online, if you would prefer to visit us, you are more than welcome to arrange a time to meet a member of our team who can guide you through the complete process.

For Nurses, you need to have at least one year of experience working full time in the UK in a nursing role and for HCA; at least six months of experience working full time in the UK as a care assistant or support worker.

We’re committed to ensuring high standards with the care industry and as such, all our staff must have evidence of completion of certain training modules. If you are currently working in the UK healthcare system, then you will likely have completed mandatory training with your current employer within the last year. If this is the case then you can upload evidence of completion to the digitostaff platform. If you haven’t completed training or are unable to get your certificates, then we are happy to provide you with online training modules for you to complete free of charge.

The training courses that are required to work with digitostaff are listed below but if there are any other courses you would like to take, please contact us and we will try our best to provide them for you.

1.Health & Safety Awareness

2.Food Hygiene

3.Manual Handling

4.Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

5.Infection Control

6.Emergency First Aid/ Basic Life Support

Once you have completed a training module, we give you your certificate to display on your profile so future employers can see your competencies unlike most recruitment agencies who won’t return their staff with these certificates after completing the training for fear that they may take them to other employers. At digito, we believe that building a professional reputation is important and as such we want you to take ownership of these modules and be the best you can be.

Registration questions

Registration is simple. Click Get Started and answer a few simple questions about yourself. The initial registration should take no longer than 5 minutes. Once you have completed your registration a member of the Support Team will contact you to confirm a convenient time for a brief telephone interview where we will outline the next steps. It’s very simple and you are always in control of the process.

All nurses on Digitostaff are self-employed/limited company and therefore require medical indemnity. As a member of the Royal Collage of Nursing (RCN), you may be covered by their scheme as long as you meet their terms and conditions. To see if you qualify, please read their page on medical indemnity for more information.

You can choose between a telephone interview or coming to meet us in person. In general, people that meet us in person complete their sign up process significantly more quickly as it allows us to take you through all the documents required with a minimum of hassle.

Before you are able to work through Digitostaff you will need to have the following documents available:

1. Right to work documentation (if you are from outside the European Union)
2. Up to date DBS certificate
3. Mandatory Training Certificates
4. Proof of professional insurances
5. Details of two professional referees
6. Up to date CV7. A quality photo clearly showing yourface

For further reference, please visit these help articles: Adding a photo to your profile How long it takes to become compliant

To be able to book shifts through Digitostaff, you need to have worked as a Registered Nurse for at least 12 months or 6 months for HCA. We require you to confirm this by either supplying 2 completed reference forms, which you can download and print out or email your references with the information and forward / copy us in to the response.If you wish to give your references the form,
you can download it from the profile checklist.

Your Digitostaff profile is where you can show yourself off to employers and increase your chances of being approved for a shift. We have created a resume builder that allows you to share all your skills and experience and it's just that easy;go to profile and select Add Resume, you can Edit Bio, Edit Skills,etc

Before you can become compliant and start booking shifts you will need to upload the following documents:

1. Two work references

2. All of your up-to-date mandatory training certificates. If you don't have these to hand, we can offer you free online training

3. An up-to-date DBS/CRB certificate or proof that you have registered on the DBS update service

4. Successfully completed a Right To Work check

5. Confirmation of your medical indemnity insurance The longest part of the process is collecting references. On average it takes one week to become fully compliant and start booking shifts. But it can take much longer if there is a delay in receiving references.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to get up and running on Digitostaff. Your resume is the first thing an employer sees when you apply for a shift, so the better your resume, the better your chances of successfully booking shifts! Uploading recent training documents will greatly increase your chances of standing out. You can start uploading your documents here.

There are a couple of reasons why Digitostaff requires nurses/HCA to upload a professional high-quality photo to their profile.

1. Uploading a photo is the simplest and quickest way for an employer to know who they are getting to work a shift.

2. We have seen that nurses who upload a photo are more successful in securing shifts that they have applied for. Together with a full history of training and a great CV, a photo helps an employer get a full picture of you and your skills. To update your photo, visit Edit Profile and click upload Photo.

An Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is essential for all patient facing workers within the healthcare industry. DBS checks ensure that staff are safe to work with vulnerable people and to highlight any previous convictions that they may have neglected in their applications. If you currently work in healthcare services then you will have had a DBS check (formerly CRB check) done when you started that job.

Digitostaff requires that all users must have had a DBS check done within the last year. If you have this then you simply need to upload your certificate to Digitostaff for your potential employers to see. If you do not have a DBS certificate from the last year then we can run a DBS check on your behalf but at the cost of £60 per check.

The best thing you can do is to be registered for the DBS update service which costs £13 per year. This automatically updates your DBS and allows you to show it to any potential employers at any time. It is recommended that Digitostaff users are signed up to this service as it gives you greater independence when getting new jobs.

For more detail on the DBS Update Service, check out the .gov website.


Right to work questions

Every UK employer must complete a Mandatory right to work check before employment begins. With the strict immigration laws in place since 2014, an employer can now be fined up to £20,000
per employee who hasn't been checked or who doesn't have the correct and up-to-date documentation to prove their right to work.

Credas is a government trusted, global verification company, which carries out Right To Work checks on behalf of Digitostaff. Using state-of-the-art technology, Onfido is able to scan all the necessary documents that you upload and determine very quickly whether the documents are correct and valid.

Right To Work checks are mandatory for all employees within the U.K regardless of nationality. Digitostaff is willing to assist any nurse/HCA through this process, and will handle all cases with discretion and tact, offering as much information as possible whilst also taking care to protect your privacy.

Self-Employment questions

You can do work as a self employed person before you register with HMRC but it is important that you register as soon as possible. You can register over the phone, or by filling out a paper form, or online. The link for the online registration form is ess/introduction.

Yes you can. You can have a normal day job for an employer (e.g. the NHS) and work extra shifts as a self-employed contractor with Digitostaff.

If you are self-employed, you do not qualify for holiday pay, sick pay or employer pension contributions.

You just need to go on your profile on the top right choose my documents and upload into general documents some documents, including; certificate of incorporation proof of registration, shareholders agreement and articles of association. All of the information can be found on Companies House just search for your Company name, select Filing History and download the incorporation document.

To book shifts through Digitostaff, you will need to be self-employed. In the UK this means that you need to register either as a Sole Trader or a Limited Company. If you haven't considered the difference between a Sole Trader and a Limited Company, here are the things that you need to keep in mind.

Sole Trader

This is the simplest option when starting out. To get things started, you need to register for selfassessment within three months of starting your business. Then you simply need to make sure you file your self-assessment tax return by 31 January each year. You can start booking shifts through Digitostaff but within 3 months of booking your first shift with us (assuming you are not working anywhere else as a sole trader), you will be required to register for self-assessment. If you've never completed a tax return, there are many online tools to help for example


Limited Company

Setting up as a Ltd company does add an extra admin burden. You need to appoint directors, register with Companies House and complete company accounts as well as your annual return. Given this added burden, we would normally suggest working as a Sole Trader unless you are expecting an income in excess of £30,000 or you have been trading for 12 months, before registering a Ltd Company. If you already have a Limited Company, you will need to set your Trader Status as Limited Company and you will be able to start/continue booking shifts through Digitostaff. Learn how to set up a limited company here

Not Yet Registered

If you have not registered as either a Sole Trader or Limited company, you should select the Not Yet Registered option You can start booking shifts through Digitostaff but within 3 months of booking your first shift with us (assuming you are not working anywhere else as a sole trader), you will be required to register for self-assessment.

Being self-employed means that you work for yourself and not for an employer. It also means that you get paid a gross amount (no tax is taken off your earnings when you get them). You still need to pay this tax but you do it at the end of the year when you submit a Self Assessment Tax Return. A Self Assessment Tax Return is an online form you complete every year in which you tell HMRC (the tax man) how much money you’ve earned over the course of the year. They then calculate how much tax you owe. You will also have to pay National Insurance Contributions (NIC) on your earnings. The amount you pay depends on how much you earn over the course of the year and is calculated on your Self Assessment. The amount of National Insurance you pay when you are self-employed is almost certainly less than when you are an employee. Click this link for more information on National Insurance rates: The government includes a helpful calculator that you can use to calculate your income tax and NI contributions.

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