About US

Digitostaff as the name suggests is what we provide. We are a team of professionals with wonderful experience in the healthcare industry, spanning Healthcare Assistant and  Nursing services. We have previously worked as contractors for numerous healthcare agencies, trading as ITS, a business we sold so as to start and concentrate on Digitostaff.

Digitostaff is an online platform that connects Nurses and Health Care Assistants (HCA) directly to employers, permitting both sides to take control of the process and hence reduces the cost of recruitment for the care homes whilst helping healthcare staff book higher paying shifts online.

Traditionally this process is managed by recruitment agencies, who charge massive commission for finding staff for care homes. Digitostaff removes the middleman from the process,thereby saving both money and time for employers, who in turn can share the savings with the Nurses/HCAs in the form of higher wages.

All our Nurses and HCA are self-employed independent contractors, which means that they have freedom and flexibility to work exactly how they want.

It's these unique features together with experience and our knowledge of the healthcare industry that make Digitostaff your best connection choice.

Our Vision

To revolutionise the way care organisations connect with healthcare staff, via a free online platform instead of excrutiating intermidearies.

Our Mission

Delivering a combination of accessibility, accountability, choice, compliance, efficiency in pricing and reduction in admin time in healthcare industry, by using the smartest way possible.


How It Works?

Digitostaff offers healthcare staff a simplified shift search, while also affording care homes a fully featured customer relationship management (CRM). Click below to see more detail on how it works for each use case.

(Trading Office) Digitostaff Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London, United Kingdom EC1V 2NX

(Head Office) Digitostaff 211 Southway, Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom, GU4 8DZ

+44 207 101 3230